Stone Ridge Montessori Admissions Process and Procedures

Understandably, many parents are curious about the Stone Ridge Montessori Admissions process.

The first step in the admissions process is a tour. Prospective families interested in learning more about our school in particular or Montessori in general may schedule a tour, where you can see first-hand what your child’s learning environment will be like, and to go over any general questions a parent may have. To avoid disruptions to daily activities, we limit the number of tours on any given day, so it’s a good idea to request a visit at least one week in advance to ensure you can be accommodated.

During a campus tour, prospective Stone Ridge Montessori families are given a comprehensive facility tour, such that they can begin to develop an understanding of how the school is structured. Topics covered during a tour include daily schedules, classroom set-up, curriculum, outdoor play area, tuition details etc.

Following the completion of a campus tour, those families who seek to join the Stone Ridge Montessori community may submit an Application for Admission. Upon receipt, this application will be evaluated by administrators. As a private institution, Stone Ridge Montessori considers a variety of criteria and factors in making a determination of whether to admit an applicant.

Following a favorable review of an Application for Admission, the family of the prospective student will be notified, and asked to visit the facility – with their child – as a final step in the Stone Ridge Montessori admissions process. During this visit we will conduct a 15-20 minute ‘meet and greet’ / working interview.

Click for Our Enrollment Package

Click for Our Enrollment Package

During this informal interview time, the applying child will go into an age-appropriate classroom generally with his or her parents, and encouraged to interact with faculty and students. This meet and greet of sorts, allows Stone Ridge Montessori to conduct a brief evaluation of the child. Additionally, this classroom visit allows the prospective new student to meet some of his or her likely new classmates and instructors.

Within 48 hours of the Working Interview, Stone Ridge Montessori staff will inform the family of the applicant as to admission status. Families who earn admission can complete the process with a final visit to complete required documentation and submit outstanding payments.