Stone Ridge Montessori Preschool Program

Ages 3 years to 6 years

The Stone Ridge Montessori Preschool Program (Ages 3 – 5) is the stage at which children truly show signs of embracing the Montessori system – which is to say, they begin to exhibit independence of thought and personal development.

Where traditional preschool programs essentially manage children in heavily orchestrated and confined environments dominated by toys and gauged by rote memorization, the Stone Ridge Montessori Preschool Program encourages children to engage in practical skills development based on initial prompts and guidance from highly trained professionals. In other words, the children are provided the tools to build and refine their own unique approaches to problem-solving.

At Stone Ridge Montessori, we recognize that children ages 3 to 6 offer the first accurate glimpse into the ‘grown’ child. It is here where signs of an individual personality, personal interests, likes and dislikes begin to make themselves known. As such it is incumbent on educators to foster and guide this development while respecting and facilitating the child’s independence and creative spirit.

In recognition of this, the Stone Ridge Montessori Preschool Program, more specifically referred to as our Primary Program, approaches the child as the smart, grown, and intelligent individuals they are. Our curriculum is ideally suited for this age, with an emphasis on interest driven education. More specifically, the curriculum of this class is driven by the child’s academic interests, abilities, and readiness. This way, a child is allowed and even encouraged to work on lessons they are interested in, and as such they generally learn at a much faster pace.

Under the guidance of Stone Ridge Montessori faculty, children work their way through the applicable series of Montessori materials, within the prepared environment of a Stone Ridge Montessori class. The classroom itself is a dynamic environment, filled with academic lessons and materials designed to peak students curiosity, challenge their ability, and adapt to their varied interests. Through a mixed age group environment, social and emotional growth, as well as values of independence and responsibility are encouraged. Core academic disciplines of math, language, science, practical life and sensorial are all more fully developed in the Primary classes.