As an advanced accredited school, our programs and academic standards are unequivocally of the highest caliber and quality. Standing as the only traditional Montessori program in the Stone Ridge/South Riding area to boast this standard of excellence- we represent the very best in early childhood education. Extending from 10 months through full-day Private Kindergarten, each of programs are carefully structured and designed to provide an unparalleled Montessori based environment, where the success of the child is paramount.

At Stone Ridge Montessori, our curriculum is carefully structured and integrated, to demonstrate the connections among the different areas of learning. Moreover, our students are able to seamlessly integrate in to the Loudoun County Public School system. As a boutique, private school, we are pleased to not be necessarily bound or limited by seemingly arbitrary cut-off dates, or esoteric policies and procedures. Rather, we are focused on the individual child, and their unique progress and development.