Stone Ridge Montessori Admissions Process

As a boutique private school, the process of admissions is very important to us. Our most fundamental goal is to determine whether school, family, and student are a collective, long-term, good fit.

The first step in the process is a tour. Prospective families interested in learning more about our school may schedule a school visit. Here, parents and a school administrator will sit down and begin a conversation where you can learn about our programs and we can get to know you and your expectations.

Each tour is specific to an individual family, so discussions can be more focused on specific needs, interests, and questions. The topics of Montessori curriculum, daily routines, school schedule, as well as the broader admissions process/steps are regularly covered. Typically, tours last about an hour, are for adults only, and are generally scheduled for the mid-morning.  We do understand that time is a precious commodity and will do everything we can to accommodate your busy schedule.

While not required, it is recommended that tours be attended by both parents. Having everyone engaged in the admissions process is valuable. This way, both family and school are having a full and inclusive conversation from the very earliest of interactions.

To avoid disruptions to daily activities, the number of tours on any given day are limited, so it’s a good idea to schedule a visit at least one to two weeks in advance.

During an initial campus visit, prospective Stone Ridge Montessori families are also given a brief facility tour, such that they can begin to develop an understanding of how the school is structured and generally flows.

Following the completion of a tour, those families who wish to pursue enrollment at Stone Ridge Montessori, may submit an Application for Admissionalong with all relevant sub-parts. Upon receipt, the application review will begin, and the process of admission officially started.

As a private institution, Stone Ridge Montessori considers a variety of criteria and factors in deciding whether to admit an applicant.

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