Pre-Primary Program

Ages 2 years to 3 years

Your child will continue to grow and flourish in our Pre-Primary Program.  Students will continue to satisfy their curiosity and learn about the world around them.  Our unique approach to the Montessori Method for young preschoolers is designed to foster independent learning and satisfy the natural energy and curiosity of this age group.

Our Pre-Primary Program introduces the older Toddler to the Montessori Method, exposing them to the self-directed and independent learning skills they will rely on in the coming years. Our program strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort for those with emerging skills and challenges to keep your child learning and growing.

At this stage, children are still learning primarily through sensorial exploration.  They want to see, touch, hear, taste and smell everything! We provide learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Older toddlers begin to be more cognizant of their environment and the people in it.  They are just beginning to learn how to cooperate through play.  They are challenged with trying to communicate their ideas and emotions.  We give them the tools they need to navigate through this stage.

Each child is treated as an individual, with their own ideas, expressions, and opinions.  We provide outlets that represents the child’s many “languages.”  These include drawing, painting, dramatic play, scientific observations, gardening, and music.

We strive to know the child and develop an emergent curriculum to support their abilities and personalities.

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