Why Montessori?

The original Stone Ridge Montessori School was founded in 1983 by a small, but hard-working family of first-generation immigrants. The original teachers and staff were ardent and passionate believers in the Montessori philosophy. In particular, their approach focused on helping each child reach his or her full potential.

This commitment to success helped to spur rapid growth almost exclusively through word of mouth testimonials, both from parents and the students who attended the school. The Stone Ridge Montessori School of today, continues to earn and develop it’s standing reputation as the preeminent early childhood educator in the Washington metro area.

Today, the Stone Ridge Montessori is led by a new generation of leaders. The school maintains its proud heritage, but now also exhibits a strong innovative and creative spirit. The Stone Ridge Montessori School is unique in this regard. Too often schools and businesses of heritage fail to remain creative and fresh in their approach.

While originally many are breakout types, they increasingly grow commonplace or ‘industry standard.’ The leadership of Stone Ridge Montessori, both in Administration and Faculty, buck this trend. The tradition of the Montessori approach to teaching is seamlessly blended with a youthful innovative vision for what the school needs to be today, tomorrow, and thereafter. This vision is shaped by the students and families of today, not yesterday.

Education at its best, particularly early childhood education, must be forward leaning. Teachers of today, must have an imagination and vision grand enough to recognize where children will need to be tomorrow, and thereafter. Schools must be creative, energetic, and adaptive to serve their students, as they prepare children for the future. Stone Ridge Montessori uniquely understands this concept at its most fundamental level. This understanding is exhibited by the school daily; in the curriculum design, staff and faculty composition, and modern design and layout of the facility itself.

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