Why Integrate Montessori and Reggio?

Our goal at Stone Ridge Montessori is to develop the whole child.  We adhere to the Montessori Method offering an authentic Montessori cycle in the morning using materials designed and invented by Dr. Maria Montessori.  Our Montessori curriculum is taught by Montessori certified teachers.

The one area the Montessori Method does not address is creativity as imagination is not a principle of Montessori.  In order to develop the whole child, we draw heavily on Reggio Emilia ideas and philosophies to offer a Reggio inspired curriculum in the afternoons where children are encouraged to develop their creative skills in order to enhance their cognitive abilities, artistic talents, and motivation to learn.

The Montessori Method and the Reggio approach share similar beliefs and are both committed to proactive learning.  Both philosophies inspire children to learn through multi-sensory experiences:  tactile, auditory and visual.  A prepared environment is a critical aspect and is highlighted by the premise that the materials are easily accessible by the children.  Both regard children as competent independent individuals and focus on respecting their unique needs, interests and learning styles.

Montessori promotes individual work while the Reggio approach supports collaborative work.  A mix of the two results in small group projects with more opportunities for self-reflective learning.  More importantly, this synergy develops positive social skills like respect, patience, empathy and teamwork.  The development of these skills helps the children grow into responsible members of society while remaining exceptional individuals.

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